Recycled Pallet Projects

Pallets use for various purposes around world, so recycled pallet projects help you to use it for unique purpose for making furniture and décor items  at lower cost to add rustic look in your home and garden.

Pallet Shed

The reason being you can build for so much less than you can buy. With this shed, you get lots of storage and it can be created out of free building materials.

Pallet Shed Pallet Shed

Pallet Planter box

Do you always need planter boxes? My mother-in-law was once like that. She could grow practically anything and did. So she constantly searching for ways to keep her flowers organizer and well displayed.

Pallet Planter box Pallet Planter box

Murphy Planting Station

I love things that are there when you need them but can be easily stored when you don’t. Well, this planting station is one of those items. You just unfold it when you need it to plant and then fold it back onto the wall when you are finished.

Murphy Planting Station Murphy Planting Station

Pallet Room Divider

Do you live in a small space? Need to make some extra room without adding square footage? Well, this room divider is a great way of accomplishing that. It would fit in well in most any home décor too.

Pallet Room Divider Pallet Room Divider

Wood Pallet Barn Door

Thinking of giving your apartment a rustic makeover? Or maybe dividing a room into two for more privacy? Make it happen with a wood pallet barn door that conceals your rooster, we mean, roommate.

Wood Pallet Barn Door

Wood Pallet Planter Tower

Everyone could benefit from adding a little green to their apartment. For those of you with a small backyard or balcony, or just a love for the great outdoors, wood pallet planters make for an impressive, conversation-sparking gardening tool.

Wood Pallet Planter Tower Wood Pallet Planter Tower

Wood Pallet Jewelry Holder

You have just under a half hour to get ready for work and head out the door. There’s not enough time to uncover a chic outfit, so let’s go with a black dress instead. But it still needs something.

Wood Pallet Jewelry Holder Wood Pallet Jewelry Holder

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