Cool Pallet Furniture Projects

Pallets can be re purposed to build anything you want. With cool pallet furniture projects, you can create home furniture to improve your home structure at low budget.

Pallet Headboard

This is actually an idea I want to do in my own bedroom. I love the rustic touch it adds to any room. But it also adds a little touch of elegance too.

Pallet Headboard

Pallet Headboard

King Size Pallet Bed

Need a new bed? But you don’t have a lot of money? No worries. This pallet bed has got you covered. It also can offer you a ton of room.

King Size Pallet Bed King Size Pallet Bed

Pallet Accent Wall

I’m in love with this wall. I love accent walls anyway but with pallets it adds a beautiful rustic feel. Again, this is another idea I hope to duplicate in my own home one day.

Pallet Accent Wall Pallet Accent Wall

The Pallet Bar

Need a man space in your basement? But don’t want to spend a fortune on the bar? That’s okay. This pallet bar is beautiful and since it is made from pallets your expenses should drop drastically.

The Pallet Bar

The Pallet Bar

The Pallet Desk

Oh my! My jaw just dropped seeing this beautiful desk. It is a rustic beauty that offers a ton of space, too. My wish list just keeps getting longer.

The Pallet Desk The Pallet Desk

Pallet Sofa with Storage

This is not only a really cute love seat that can be made very easily and for little expense. But it also has great little slats in the back meant to store smaller items while not in use.

Pallet Sofa with Storage Pallet Sofa with Storage

Pallet Sectional Sofa

I’ve always loved this idea. It has floated around in a few different designs on multiple sites. You can fill large outdoor space with tables, all handmade from pallets.

Pallet Sectional Sofa Pallet Sectional Sofa

Free Pallet Fence

This was one of my first posts here on Morning Chores. We have built many free fences and some really adorable gates, all from pallets, and all basically free.

Free Pallet Fence Free Pallet Fence


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